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Vision - MATELAN’s objective is to provide investors with the best possible research services for the shares that MATELAN covers.

Principles - In order to reach this objective MATELAN relies on its close contacts with corporations, its expertise in specific sectors, state-of-the-art research tools, efficient communication of information and complete independence.

Partnerships - MATELAN has been working together with the renowned Sal. Oppenheim Bank since May 2007, particularly regarding the distribution of MATELAN’s products, which has significantly increased MATELAN’s market penetration. MATELAN is open to further strategic partnerships.

Service - MATELAN offers its services to corporations and banks looking to provide their investors and clients with an excellent research service. In addition, MATELAN is able to provide tailor made research solutions at highly competitive prices.

References - ISRA Vision AG has a long standing working relationship with MATELAN. Any queries should be addressed to the Chairman of the board, Enis Ersü. From the banking sector, MATELAN covers a range of shares for Oppenheim Research. In this case please contact the Head of Research, Dr Wolfgang Sawazki.